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  • Learn good choices, Make good choices

    Learn good choices, Make good choices

    In 2008, the obesity rate in Huntington, West Virginia was the highest in the United States.  Chef Jamie Oliver wanted to HELP them through educating their children about nutrition.ir-leasing.ruhttp://kahovka-service.ru

    They had never eaten a potato, eggplant, tomatoes or pears and they didn’t know what they were when he showed them to him. But you can bet they immediately recognized chicken fingers, french fries and pizza (which was served for breakfast and lunch).  That’s right, sausage pizza served for breakfast in school and it meets the Federal Guidelines for Nutrition.  He was forced to serve them hamburger buns with chicken stir fry because they HAD to have two breads for lunch, also Federal School Lunch Guidelines.

    I watched this in 2008 and wanted to poke my eyes out.  I started watching it again this week and simply wanted to cry.  How can this happen?  An entire population surviving on processed food!  Heart disease and diabetes rampant in this tiny town.

    The thing is, the problem isn’t just in West Virginia.  It’s in every town in our beautiful nation.  Five students in my Wellness Class at Curry College raised their hands and said they too were served pizza for breakfast in elementary school.

    We need to lead by example and not take the easy way out.  Cook and serve fresh foods, not processed!  The kids may not like it at first but eventually they WILL.  They will feel better!  You will feel better!  Make the changes as a family.  And if you don’t know what good choices are, then learn or consult a professional.  All good trainers and nutritionists want to help you.  They CARE!

    Rory SparrowThis article is authored by Rory Sparrow. Rory is a certified personal trainer here at the Norwell Athletic Club and is frequent contributor and writer about all things exercise and nutrition. Rory has 20 years of weight training experience and fitness instruction including personal training, marathon training, and athletic coaching. She is an adjunct Professor at Curry College in Milton, a PICP Level 2 Coach, NASM certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified TRX Instructor, and a Spinning Instructor. Rory can be reached at the Norwell Athletic Club at 781-659-6565 or by email at rorysparrow@comcast.net.



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