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Keith Alpert has been a strength, flexibility, and conditioning consultant, trainer and coach fkeith groupor over 25 years, since 1988. Featured on ESPN Sports Center and in publications including Sports Illustrated, American Health and Fitness Magazine, Keith has gained peer respect and a wide following for his ability to combine his training skills and teaching style with stellar program design skills. Clients include sport-greats Antonio Davis (Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors), Theo Ratliff (Los Angeles Lakers), Mark Eaton (Stanley Cup holder)  and current professionals all training currently at NAC shown in picture… Ryan Kelly (Los Angeles Lakers) Andre Dawkins (TX Legends NBA-D) and Danny O’Keefe (Orangeville CBL) . Keith has worked with numerous professional players from the NBA, overseas basketball, and many players from the NCAA as well. Keith holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts. He is certified with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Keith is one of a dozen people on the planet to achieve a Level Four International Coach Certification from world-renowned strength and nutrition expert, Charles Poliquin. (Poliquin Performance Institute, RI)  See below for more specialized certifications and descriptions that Keith has accomplished to help people recover from injuries, improve performance and get results!

  • ➔ Certified strength and conditioning specialist since 1988
  • ➔ Certified personal trainer since 1992
  • ➔ P-DTR advanced certification
  • ➔ Neurtokinetic Therepy (N.K.T.) certified level 3
  • ➔ Fascial Abrasion Technique (F.A.T.) certified
  • ➔ Fascial Stretch Therapy (F.S.T.) certified level 2

P-DTR® http://www.drpalomar.com/ was developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. José Palomar. This work recognizes sensory receptors, and the way the body processes the information from these receptors. Using a comprehensive system of muscle testing and neural challenges, involved receptors can be located and normal function can be quickly restored. Most other therapeutic modalities deal with the “hardware” of the body, neglecting the fact that much of the pain and dysfunction we experience is often actually a problem with our “software”.


NeuroKinetic Therapy® www.Neurokinetictherapy.com known as Neuromuscular Reprogramming® (NMR®) in its previous incarnation, is an innovative and relatively new method of bodywork and muscle therapy which utilizes manual muscle testing to assess dysfunctions of the coordination system of the brain resulting from traumatic injury, over use, under use, repetitive stress, postural stress, etc. It cues the brain for new learning resulting in immediate correction of neuromuscular imbalances. NKT® works with the body’s organizational intelligence, addressing pain at its source: the motor control center of the brain.


Fascial Abrasion Technique http://wts.fat-tool.com/: Developed by Dr. Mark Scappaticci, the FAT-Tool is much different than the many assisted soft tissue mobilization tools on the market. FAT-Tool has a patented textured surface that allows for maximal tissue tension release without excessive pressure and without bruising.


Fascial Stretch Therapy® http://stretchtowin.com/ Developed by Ann and Chris Frederick, is a type of stretching that targets not only the muscles but the fascia, the connective tissue around the muscles, bones and joints.  FST also targets the entire joint and joint capsule, using traction to remove restrictions from movement and to stimulate lubrication.