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Styku is a complete 3-D full body scanning solution in seconds



Throw away that tape measure! We all know the cost of human error in hand measurements

The Styku device gives us the ability to perform a full body scan, view 3D models, extract measurements, track changes in body shape, calculate fitness and health metrics, and so much more.  This system is the easiest, most accurate way for dieters and fitness enthusiasts to get complete, accurate measurements of virtually all body dimensions.

Styku a touchless, tape measure-free digital system that uses a Microsoft-powered 3D camera to quickly scan its subject from all angles, immediately delivering precise results. Members can quickly assess where they’re losing inches – and where they might want to focus their attention.  This system creates consistent, super-accurate measurements and digital images – you can see exactly where you’re slimming down or bulking up, and by how much!  Best of all, the measuring is done in a matter of seconds, and is totally touch-free. You don’t have to stand there for half an hour fumbling with a tape, or having someone invading your personal space.

The Styku system analyzes the results and prepares automated reports that are emailed directly to our members. The system also tracks changes over time, letting customers gauge their progress towards fitness and weight loss goals.

This is a revolutionary tool for people who are serious about weight loss or muscle gain in fitness.

See for yourself how easy Styku is…


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