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2c4523c9-edc3-429c-8ee6-10f9f1ba6e28Dear Keith,
I am writing to extend my sincere appreciation for how you have helped transform my body and my life.  A little more than a year ago, I came to you for help.  Being 46, my body did not respond as it did when I was 30, with bulging discs, torn rotator cuffs and arthritis, you had your hands full.  You helped me work around my weaknesses, strengthen muscles around those weaknesses and overcome my injuries.  Also, although I thought I was eating healthy, you made it clear that I needed to adjust my diet. Because my metabolism was different than most, you were able to identify that and get me on a diet that helped me achieve my goals.  A year later I have lost 60 pounds of fat, added 30 pounds of muscle and dropped 4″ in my waist.  I feel and look better than I did 25 years ago, (minus the hair loss!)  I am so grateful that we met and you have helped me get to where I am now.  I look forward to doing more and going further than I ever imagined.  I couldn’t have done it without you.
With sincere gratitude,
Dave Dirubbo

don and maureen picture

Don and Maureen Jensen…

When my husband began working with a trainer two years ago, I thought, “What a waste!”  As the summer approached, I saw an increase in his stamina; he could now mow the lawn and still have energy left- over.  I was insanely jealous!  When he suggested that I should join him at Norwell Athletic Club, my instant response was: “I can’t.” “People will laugh at me.”  “I’m too fat.” “Wait till I lose weight.”  In January, I had to swallow my pride because we would soon be providing daycare two days a week for our 20 pound, six month old granddaughter.  I was scared because I knew I could not lift or hold this bundle of joy comfortably.  I did not have the stamina to care for a baby all day.  What would I do?  I decided to try working out with a Personal Trainer, but before that happened I had to be evaluated by Keith Alpert, Fitness Director, because I have had two knees replaced and both my hips had been replaced.  I passed that first test and began working with Personal Trainer Rory Sparrow three days a week for a half hour.  I was timid at first, but once I realized nobody was looking strangely at me, I relaxed.  We have been working to strengthen my arms and legs.  From day one, Rory also gently counseled me on correct food choices, the importance of three meals a day, and the necessity of drinking water.  All my progress has been gradual – from working different machines to better food choices.  Now, six months later, I am not perfect; however, I can lift and carry my granddaughter easily even when lifting her from the floor.  I can play with her on the floor and get up easily.  I care for her with my husband and at the end of the day I feel wonderful.  By the way, I am encouraged to stay off the scale.  Who needs a scale when one now wears pants two sizes smaller and still counting……..  I am so grateful to be able to do what most 72 year olds cannot do.     ~ Maureen Jensen

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When I first became a member of the Norwell Athletic Club, I had no idea what to expect.  I had never been in a Health Club before and working out was never a top priority.  I always made excuses for not pursuing it.  What was different this time? I was retired and had the time to pursue my passion for playing golf.  Since golfing requires both upper body strength and agility, I definitely needed improvement in these areas. How do I start?  Do I work alone or with a Personal Trainer?  I decided to work with a Personal Trainer (Mical Weisberg) for three one half hour sessions a week.  We worked on developing my upper body and leg muscles, the two major areas used in driving a golf ball a distance.  After 6 months, I began to notice a difference in my overall agility, endurance, and body strength. I began feeling good about myself and I looked good, too.  At that point,  Mical and I decided to increase the three sessions a week from one half hour to one hour because the half hour sessions were not challenging enough.  I have been doing this now for the past 18 months.  Working with a Personal Trainer gave me the moral support to keep going, the encouragement to try new machines and increase the weights, the guidance to make better food choices to get greater results.  My dedication to the program has resulted in me being much stronger.  I have received numerous comments about my physical endurance.  Last weekend I worked for 7 hours with my 34 year old son at his home removing crushed stone from his large front yard,  replacing it with 12 yards of loam, and planting a garden.  We also spread mulch.  For someone who will soon turn 70, this has been re-energizing.  As for golf, I now play like a 50 year old.

~ Don Jensen

9fb62431-5f3f-46c1-b148-279360e0d1ccOur client of the month for November is Alicia Delprete.  She has been training with me for two years now.  Alicia is a hard working mother of three young kids and she really needed a life change when she joined NAC.  She has made tremendous strides toward her life goals of getting fit and putting muscle on her body.  Alicia has lost 1 1/2 inches off her biceps, several inches off her waist and hips and four inches off her thighs. Alicia has also increased her muscle mass significantly. She started her program using 10 pound weights to do chest press.  Now Alicia does 25 pounds!  She has also increased her Lat pull downs by 20lbs.  I am so proud of all that she has accomplished!  Alicia has also been successful with changing her diet, adding more protein and cutting carbs and sugars.  She rises to every new challenge that I give her and NEVER whines!  I am always excited to write new programs for her as I know she will tackle any challenge I give her.

Congratulations Alicia!

13efcb95-9307-481b-9e1d-e990dc5f3ef1Client of the Month: Alexis Ingargiola

Alexis started training with Mical this summer when she wanted to be a faster and stronger soccer player. At just 15 years old, it was important for Alexis to gain strength and power on the soccer field. In just five months, Alexis has succeeded at becoming faster and stronger as well as more powerful with her kick. Alexis has an incredible work ethic and pushed herself during every workout Mical does with her, even when she comes straight to the gym after soccer practice. Alexis has already met some of her goals, not the least of which was to make the JV soccer team as a freshman. Off the field she is also seeing a huge improvement. By working hard and training with Mical three days a week for an hour, she has nearly lost 8 inches and just under 4% body fat. Alexis takes no prisoner’s attitude and her commitment to training makes her one of NAC’s youngest success stories.

d77cf237-c955-4813-8333-9357853e5be0Training Client of the Year 2015!!

We normally have a personal training client of the month but for the first time at NAC we have chosen a client of the year for our newsletter. All of the members of the training program worked very hard and deserve recognition but there was one client that stood out among the group. Leanne Pearson got started on her journey when she joined the Body Blitz fitness competition that began at the beginning of March last year. Leanne’s trainer, Chris Andersen, came up with a game plan and Leanne followed it to the very last detail with amazing results and led to her winning the competition. While training with Chris 2 to 3 times per week, Leanne has lost 10 total inches, 5.6% body fat and 20 pounds and the progress continues. Leanne is the perfect example of someone who has a goal and determination but needed a custom designed exercise plan and coaching to get her to reach her goals. She always comes in with a big smile on her face ready to workout, and it is a pleasure to have her as a member here at NAC. Congratulations Leanne! We hope 2016 is just as successful and rewarding as 2015 was.

4d46ca3a-1946-4ac2-9131-f4a3bc6522b0Personal Training Testimonial

The August member of the month is Katie Daly.  Katie has been training at NAC for almost two years.  Katie started out training one day a week and struggled lifting light weights.  She was eager yet intimidated by the weights and all of the serious weight lifters in the free weight room.  Now,  Katie is now a power house!  She gives 110 percent to every work out.  She now trains twice a week and the results are amazing.  As her trainer, I know Katie will push herself with every new work out I give her.  I love  that Katie will rise to the challenge instead of whining and giving up.  Katie works hard because she can see the results. Katie has totally transformed her body, so much so that other members often comment on her progress.  She loves the biceps she now has and the inches she has lost from every area of her body.  She is stronger, healthier and more confident.


Rory Sparrow has been my trainer for over a year now, and my experience with her has been nothing but positive. From day one she has been extremely motivational, encouraging, supportive, and most importantly, FUN! She pushes me to expect more of myself which always leaves me surprised at how far I have come. Working with her has made me stronger, improved my balance, and given me muscles I never thought I could have. It’s clear to anyone who meets her that she is passionate about her job and truly cares about helping her clients.  I always look forward to our sessions because I know I’m going to get in a great work out AND have a blast doing it. I would highly recommend Rory to anyone and everyone looking to take that next step to improve their lifestyle and overall wellness. Thank you Rory – you truly are THE BEST!

~ Katie D