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The Benefits of TRX Training

slider8TRX is total body suspension training. This does not mean you are suspended from the ceiling!  TRX uses straps that are attached to a wall mount to do a total body workout.  The workout is body weight only!  But the great thing is by adjusting your stance you can increase or decrease how much of your body weight you are actually lifting.  This means TRX is for any body, any age, any fitness level.  It also means in a class you can have many different fitness levels at once.  And you can always make it harder by adding more instability to the exercise.  TRX is a great total body and core work out.  Every movement involves multiple muscles so you burn a lot of calories without having to run sprints or lift heavy weights.  TRX classes are one hour long which enables members to do multiple exercises with each body part.  When people first train on TRX they will discover they have muscles they never knew they had especially in their abdominal area.

rory-sparrowbgRory Sparrow is a Certified TRX Instructor here at NAC. She has 20 years of weight training experience and fitness instruction including personal training, marathon training and athletic coaching. Rory say’s: “I want to inspire my clients to train harder by encouraging them to try things they think they “can’t” do.   If you can’t do it today, I can modify it and before you know it, you “CAN” do it!  I love helping people achieve their goals, whether its weight loss, body composition, strength building, conditioning, or specific goals like Marathon running or something as simple as picking up your grandchild or being able to get up off the floor with no problem. Watching your client accomplish a goal is like watching your child do something for the first time.  INSPIRING!”