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Strength Training for Athletes

Nothing is more critical to athletic success than power, mobility and speed. However, if an athlete does not possess the optimal size and strength, they may be left behind. As a result of adding lean mass and decreasing body fat, improvement in speed, vertical jumps and all over athleticism will be realized. The earlier age that an athlete achieves optimal size and strength, the faster they climb the ladder in sports for high school and beyond! The SST program at NAC is designed and overseen by Keith Alpert and Chris Andersen and Rory Sparrow. This program will move your athlete from intramurals to JV, from JV to Varsity, and from Varsity to scholarship.

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Lean Mass
  • Increase Power
  • Increase Mobility
  • Increase Speed
  • Decrease Body Fat %
  • Decrease Injury Risk

Program limited to athletes 6th grade and up. Maximum 12 students per group. Contact Mark for more details mcrawford@norwellathleticclub.com 

Initial Evaluation:

P-DTR Session ( scheduled one on one with Keith Alpert )

Structural Balance (ratios of body areas)

Flexibility (which areas need work)

Nutrition (go over nutritional recommendations)


Fall 2017 Program

5:00-6:00 pm Monday & Wednesday

Call more information: Mark Crawford or Chris Anderson 781-659-6565

Supervision (from 1:6)

Program info and answers to FAQ’s


We focus on    * performance    * speed    * power    * explosiveness    * endurance

* flexibility    * balance    * injury prevention / recovery    * nutrition

  • Combined over 50 years of experience! Our resources at N.A.C. come from some of the best minds in the country to ensure that your athlete has the tools they need to succeed if they put the work in.
  • We maximize training time for the busy athlete and their family.
  • Yes you can still make progress with one hour session per week during the season.
  • The quality of training is kept high with a 6 person limit per group vs other programs where there can be up to 20 per group.
  • You can create your own private group. Groups can be as small as 2 people but pricing will vary.
  • Nutrition guidance is included and is a vital role in your athlete’s success. Injuries are at an all-time high and a lot of it has to do with a lack of proper nutrition.
  • Our program is built on quality, technique and intensity. When these 3 things are done correctly there is an incredibly high rate of transfer onto the athletic field.
  • This program is for anyone willing to put in the effort that wants to improve their overall performance and confidence on and off the field.
  • Your athlete can start supervised training at age 11 where emphasis is placed on body control, movement, and spatial awareness. Creating a strong foundation early greatly reduces the chance of injury and also sets your athlete up for long term success.