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10 Reasons you should hire a Personal Trainer

some may surprise you!

by Rory Sparrow


  1. Accountability:  Most of us need to be accountable to someone to stay on track.  The same is true with working out.  If you have a paid appointment at a set time you are far more likely to keep that training appointment than if you just worked out on your own.  Trainers even book appointments for themselves to work out otherwise we would neglect our own training.  Some of us trainers even hire trainers to train US!  Accountability leads to success!
  1. Motivation:  Most of us do not yell at ourselves or pound on our own chests to motivate ourselves to work harder during our workout.  (lets face it, we’ve seen it done, its not pretty!)  Trainers take the time to learn your personality and figure out how to best motivate each of you.  Most people just need a gentle, quiet nudge while others require a little more strictness and focusing to get their adrenaline flowing.  Some people need week by week goals, others do better with long term goals.  For some clients they are all or nothing with their nutritional changes, other need small changes over longer periods of time.  As trainers we motivate our clients in the way that works the best for you to get you results.   
  1. Develop a routine/program:  A majority of the people who come to the gym“wing it”!  They come to the gym do a cardio machine and then a few random circuit machines they can figure out and go home.  Unfortunately, they just don’t know what to do.  They do the same exact thing every time, afraid of change and only doing what they know which can lead to stagnation and injury not to mention …boredom.  Trainers give you a program designed specifically to meet your goals whether your goal is to do a Spartan Race, change your body composition, increase your strength or recover from an injury…we design a workout program just for you!  
  1. Proper technique and form:  Do you ever wonder, am I doing this right?  Do you look around the gym and see many people doing what you thought was the same exercise several different ways?  Trainers know proper technique and form and know how to teach it to you.  Doing exercises incorrectly will cause injury and/or leave you with lackluster results.  Many times when I correct my clients form by just a tiny bit they say, “Oh, this way is harder, much harder.”  Of course I laugh and then encourage them to continue doing it right.  Proper form is essential for success! 
  1. Injury Prevention:  Afraid to work out because you have an old or new injury?  Our trainers can help you.  We do a complete evaluation on all of our clients which includes a history of all your injuries as well as testing to determine which muscles are weak.  By strengthening those weak muscles we can correct compensations and prevent future injuries from happening.   
  1. Sports Specific Training:  Athletes of all levels and ages can benefit from a trainer.  Trainers know muscle patterns and specific exercises to help with your specific sport from youth sports to improving your golf swing.  Trainers know how to write a program to increase power, speed, agility, endurance and even a vertical jump! 
  1. Maximize your workouts:  The biggest excuse we trainers hear is “I don’t have time to work out”!  Hire a trainer!  We can build ½ hour programs for you that works!  We can help you burn MORE CALORIES IN LESS TIME.  We can teach you how weight training can change your body composition better than your same old cardio routine.  Yes, cardio will burn calories and also muscle.  Weight training builds muscle and makes your body burn calories more efficiently.  The more muscle you have the more calories you burn.  
  1. Relationship Building:  Trainers and their clients have special relationships!  We share healthy recipes and cooking ideas ..ex;  Tips on how to say “NO” to cake.  I am a LIFELINE for some of my clients.  I tell them, “Text or call me when someone is trying to feed you donuts!”  When a client is having a bad day I can make it better by helping them get rid of their stress through their work out or by making them laugh in between sets.  A trainer understands the struggles you endure to meet your goals and elates in your successes with you as well! 
  1. Non Judgmental Support:  Your trainer will hold you accountable not just for the time you are at the gym but when you are not!  We tell you what to do when you are not with us that will help you reach our goals.  I give my clients nutrition and exercise homework designed for their specific goals.  As your trainer, I am also accountable to YOU.  I need to push you to the best of your ability!  I need to make sure your form is good.  I need to support you in every way!  I need to understand how best to train you physically and mentally!  I am not here to judge you, everyone has weaknesses, I am here to make you stronger in every way.
  1. Results:  Trainers get Results!  Bottom line.  As a trainer, I will work just as hard as you .. if not harder to get you the results you want!  When you get results, I am happy!  My success depends on your success!  Watching my clients meet goals is like watching my kids score the winning goal in a soccer match, make straight A’s on their report card or go out of their way to include a child who is being left out:  AWESOME!  There is no better feeling than seeing your clients achieve their goals whether it be a new personal best on their squat, weight loss, improved body composition or being able to make it through an entire spin class for the first time.

 I love helping people and that is why I am a trainer! ~ Rory