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Mical is currently a Master Level Trainer, Group Strength & Conditioning Instructor and a Super Middle Weight Professional Boxer. Mical leads the training team under the leadership of NAC’s  Fitness Director Keith Alpert here at the Norwell Athletic Club. Mical played many different team and individual sports in his youth, but at 14 he became serious about boxing. By 15 he won his first amateur fight. As an amateur he won the 2003 New England Rocky Marciano Tournament of Champions Championship. Months later he won the 2004 Southern New England Golden Gloves Championship. Currently Mical is 3-0 with 2 knock outs as a Super Middle Weight Professional Boxer. Mical has had a serious interest in nutrition since he began making a direct connection between his performance and healthy eating at an early age. He has worked for two international sports nutrition companies for a number of years and has extensive knowledge on sports nutrition. Mical continues to educate himself in this area as he strives to bring his strength and sports performance to higher levels through this process. Mical has 15 yrs of experience of being a certified personal trainer. Mical has his degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University. Mical continued his post-baccalaureate studies at UMASS Boston and Bridgewater State University in Pre-Med studies. He is presently certified as a Level 2 PICP Coach and a Level 1 Biosignature Modulation Practitioner under Charles Poliquin and is a certified Personal Trainer with the I.F.A. He is currently C.P.R. certified with the American Heart Association. Mical trains for his professional boxing matches under the direction of NAC’s Fitness Director and Elite Pro Athlete Trainer Keith Alpert.