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Ashtanga Yoga- Join Pete in this challenging, strong power yoga. Ashtanga is a systematic sequence of predetermined flowing postures linked together with the breath. This is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice.

Barre Sculpt- A sculpting class using a ballet barre. Use deliberate strength and stretching techniques to reshape your body and challenge even the strongest of athletes! Create long and lean muscles without adding bulk.

Beginner Yoga- Appropriate for ALL new students and those wanting to refine their alignment, including active older adults. You will “flow” from pose to pose linking movement and breath.

Chair Pilates- Build your core stability, upper-body strength and lower-body power to improve performance and increase overall physical conditioning. It challenges your balance, challenges your center and helps you focus on pulling everything together at your core.

Hot Yoga Flow- Power/ Vinyasa style class offering experienced students a challenging practice developing flexibility, strength, balance, breath & focus. Higher heat (85+ degrees)

Pilates Mat – Pilates Mat is a full body and mind workout that centers on abdominal strength. It will challenge your stamina, strength, stretch and stability. The more you do Pilates the harder it gets and is so much fun!

Moderate Flow- Multi-level Vinyasa style class. Appropriate for both newer students and experienced students who prefer a slower heated class. *80+ degrees*

Yoga Stretch- Appropriate for all students & active older adults. Unheated Hatha yoga class offering all levels of students an opportunity to stretch and practice. * NO HEAT / Room Temperature *

Vinyasa Flow – This mindful class will focus on the breath and mind body connection while increasing strength and flexibility.