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Our Personal Trainers Want You To Take It Personal!

We have you covered no matter what category you fall into:

  • 1st timers
  • Post injury
  • Injury prevention
  • Busy moms and dads
  • The young to the young at heart
  • The seasoned gym veteran
  • Sports performance: Athletes from youth to professionals

Our Personal Training program offers a complete training system that encompasses fitness education, motivation, support, and accountability. We integrate the principles of exercise physiology, neurology and sound nutrition to help you improve your physique, stamina, confidence and energy in the fastest and safest way possible.

We Make Fitness Personal

Your personal training experience begins with an initial fitness consultation, which is complimentary when you join. You’ll sit down with one of our experienced personal trainers to discuss your lifestyle as well as your fitness and nutrition challenges and goals. Your trainer will provide high-level recommendations on the optimal way to attain the results you want while explaining and showing you during your complimentary personal training session.

If you decide to move forward with our program, your personal trainer will create a fitness plan tailored specifically to your needs. From daily nutrition counseling to resistance training and the proper type of cardiovascular programming, this regimen is designed to help you ease workouts comfortably into your schedule and adopt healthy and realistic eating habits that accelerate your results.

With our personal trainers, you have a dedicated partner to accompany you on your fitness journey. Your trainer is there to provide expert advice and encouragement as well as the emotional support you need to break detrimental habits and get on a lifelong track to wellness. We will help you change your body and your life in dramatic and positive ways. That is our purpose—and our promise!

Schedule your complimentary fitness consultation and training session today!

E-mail info@norwellathleticclub.com for more information or questions about Personal Training.